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Our digital SEO audit service analyzes each and every one of the work areas in your web positioning with a personalized SEO audit to detect possible failures or improvements in your Google ranking.

Inbound links

We evaluate the quality of the links that come from other websites to the client’s website, as well as the density of anchor text and keywords, as well as the corresponding link juice that determine its reinforcement or domain authority.

Optimization On Page

We evaluate the internal optimization of the page, as well as the external links within the same content, the quality of the publications, optimization of keywords, design, friendly urls, images, etc.

Social Media

We analyze their impact on the main social networks and add improvement tips for the different results on how they can be improved. Your consumers need to know about your business.

Custom Report

Once we have finished with your SEO audit, you will obtain a personalized report of each one of the areas of your website that will give you a global perspective on what is your current status and the work done so far.


If your website is not well indexed in Google, it does not exist.

Analysis of visits and conversions from search engines.

Inbound links or backlinks are one of the most important SEO factors.

Impact of content marketing on positioning in Google.

Google takes into account the time it takes to load your page.

Analysis of SEO factors on Page (Own website).

An SEO audit is the first step to perform any positioning action in Google and measure the results of the actions taken.

Tools that we use in our SEO Audit service

Keyword Analysis - Keywords

With our keyword analysis tools we offer all relevant data for keyword management. With which we can position in Google the main keywords of our business and react in time to changes in the ranking of our competition and even to acquire new ideas Our digital marketing agency will help you improve online visibility, and position keywords more interesting to get an increase in visits to your website.

Link Analysis - Backlinks

We provide all the necessary information about the profile of the links of your business website, comparing these backlinks with those of your SEO competitors, thus contributing new ideas for a good link building strategy. We evaluate in depth specific details such as the anchor texts that have been used, IP addresses, countries and autonomous systems. In addition, the backlinks database is updated weekly, to keep the portfolio of links always up-to-date.

Content Analysis

The quality of the content of a website is one of the factors of positioning SEO more difficult to weigh by the number of factors involved to determine its quality. We offer an approximation of the probability that your domain is penalized by the search engines. Likewise, we will indicate the parts of your website that generate the most problems, in this way, to be able to have a more concrete vision when it comes to solving errors within the website of your business.

Web Architecture Analysis

The analysis of the web architecture shows one of the key factors in the success of a positioning project in Google. The ease with which the search bots and our own clients can access the content online will depend on its correct structure.

To create an optimal structure to carry out a correct indexing of the website by Google, a hierarchical content classification must be carried out. so that no page of our website is more than three sub-levels within the architecture of the web.

Indexing Analysis

It is of utmost importance for the objectives in the SEO positioning that we want to carry out, that we will carry out an exhaustive analysis of the type of urls that should be included in our Sitemap, as well as identify those others that are currently indexed and should not to be. Likewise, we will inform about which of these urls should be redirected to quality content within our website and which others should be the object of a request for de-indexing by Google.


With the help of our digital marketing strategies and our SEO audit service, we will help you achieve your business goals online.
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